RBC Wealth Management launches new sustainable investing reporting tool

Date: 19 Aug 2021


“In all walks of life, consumers want to know the environmental and social impact of the things that they buy and the choices that they make. The same is true with investors, who are often passionate about understanding the sustainability credentials – such as the carbon emissions or gender diversity – of companies within their portfolios”, said Stephen Metcalf, Head of Sustainable Investing at RBC Wealth Management.

In response to this demand, RBC Wealth Management has introduced a new reporting feature, their ‘Sustainability Profile’ to analyse the sustainability credentials of client investment portfolios based on a set of 15 sustainability metrics covering environment, governance, products and services, and society.

Speaking on the launch of the tool, Metcalf said: “All RBC Wealth Management clients in the British Isles now receive a two page ‘Sustainability Profile’ as part of their monthly valuation, based on a broad set of 15 metrics, which assess how the company uses natural resources, whether its products and services are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, how it is governed and how it interacts with society. We believe these metrics to be far more tangible for clients than a blended ESG score, and that providing this greater level of detail will become increasingly common as data and reporting improve.”

The regulatory environment around sustainability reporting continues to evolve and RBC believes that the ‘Sustainability Profile’ tool represents an important step forward in their approach to sustainable investing.

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