Power Women special: Nicole Curti, Stanhope Capital

Date: 23 Apr 2015


Nicole Curti talks about how importat it is to recognise those who champion women’s employment. She is the winner of Woman of the Year: Leadership, Financial Organisation award.

What major transaction/deal have you been involved in in the last quarter?

I am involved in the study of the opening of a new office for our Firm. This is a really stimulating topic as it involves understanding cultural differences, analyzing regulatory issues, having discussions at management level and lots of travel.

Remind us of a great man who have been supportive of you in your career.

I would like to mention two outstanding and exceptional men. First, the late Riccardo Gullotti who knew me as a youngster during my university studies and got me started in the financial industry. He was a busy CEO of a large Swiss company but always found time to listen to me when I needed advice. Second, the late Bernard Droux, Partner of Lombard Odier, who throughout the 10 years I spent at the bank has supported me not only in the tough male world of banking but was also there to challenge me and streamline my impatience and ambitions. I dearly miss both of them but think of them very regularly and will never forget them. What I try, is to give back to the new generation what they gave to me. And this is the circle of life, I believe!

How did winning the Power Women award impact your career or personal life?

It is extremely meaningful for me as it gives hope to all women at Stanhope and also in the industry in general. The real achievement however will be, when we won’t need a Power Woman Award anymore to recognize the unbelievable achievement of many women!

Changing the topic slightly, what does your organisation do to encourage individuals from BME community to learn about your organisation?

Stanhope is an equal opportunities employer and has a policy explicitly stating it. We are member of the New City Initiative think thank which was founded by our CEO, Daniel Pinto, which regularly offers internships to youngsters in the UK. In general we are a very diverse firm with over 16 nationalities and speaking over 25 different languages. The split in terms of male/female is 60% male and 40% female.

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