The Poseidon Gardens: a Mediterranean oasis of well-being

7 July 2017

Marcela Kunova

Ischia is one of the most beautiful islands on the Amalfi Coast. Although it seldom gets as much attention as the neighbouring island of Capri which is home to international jet-set including Sophia Loren, lush green Ischia is the place to go if you want to relax and recreate.

Only about an hour by boat or ferry from Naples, the island boasts many attractive places, such as the town of Forio, and a number of fine sandy beaches. However, for ultimate relaxation, head to the Bay of Citara on the West coast that is home to the paradisiac Poseidon Gardens thermal park.

The Poseidon Gardens is the biggest thermal resort of the island, featuring more than twenty scrupulously clean pools of varying sizes and saltiness, and with temperatures ranging from 28° C to 40° C. There are also three sea water pools, a thermal steam grotto carved into the tuff according to Greek-Roman tradition, and three Kneipp facilities that aid circulation by alternating between 15° C and 40° C baths. Most of the thermal pools are also off limits to children, making them truly peaceful and quiet.

The loungers and parasols are scattered up and down the hillside amongst the pools, allowing for a beautiful scenic view across the Bay of Citara. If lounging all day long is not for you, take a walk in the terraced gardens or along the coast.

Should all that sun worshiping and swimming leave you hungry, you can replenish your energy levels in Il Fauno restaurant that serves fresh, seasonal produce, local seafood and traditional Italian dishes, such as aubergine parmigiana. Don’t miss out on the classic Neapolitan pastries sfogliatelle rice, a flaky pastry cakes reminiscing of a lobster tail, and fresh gelato. For a quick eat, a nearby snack bar Caffè a Mare stocks a variety of sandwiches, salads and cocktails. Your foodie experience wouldn’t be complete without climbing to the top of the hill where the Grotta del Vino, a wine cellar carved into the tuff, offers a selection of local wines poured straight from the barrel, as well as cured meats, cheese and a spectacular view of the coastline.

For the beauty junkies, a 500-square-meter beauty and medical centre in the heart of the resort offers a range of medical and cosmetic treatments, including Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy that is said to prevent a variety of medical conditions connected with microcirculation problems. You can also chose various massages, like a massage for migraines or connective tissue massage, and facial and body beauty treatments.

Nothing says holiday like spending a day in the sun, bathing in a pristine pool and drinking cocktails. The Poseidon Gardens have it all. 

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