Perfectly groomed with grüum

22 June 2017

Marcela Kunova

Inspired by Scandinavian design, grüum seeks to make male skincare as good and hassle-free as it gets. Whether you grow a hipster-style moustache, a full-on beard, or prefer a squeaky-clean shave, there is a product that suits your needs. 

To make it simple, grüum comes in personalised kits, delivered regularly to your door. Added plus: the products are free from EDTA, parabens, sulphates, SLS, SLES, artificial fragrances and artificial colours, and are not tested on animals. And they are Made in UK. Hipster heaven. 

With products names reminiscing of IKEA furniture, you may need some guidance to find your ideal skincare. The quickest way to navigate this universe of facial washes, moisturisers and beard waxes is to fill and online questionnaire, so grüum can send you a kit with everything your skin needs. Before you get to do that, or if you’re not ready to commit and want to try some bits and bobs first, here is a selection of products we tested.


kåre - daily moisturiser


What is it: Suitable for all skin types, kåre does a great job of moisturising dry skin, and its lightweight formula means that oily skin won’t be left feeling greasy and shiny. Packed with the natural goodness of calming chamomile, rosemary oil, and green tea extract, it is also good for sensitive skin and great at soothing post-shave irritation.

Our verdict: The texture is very light and the moisturiser is absorbed in seconds. It helps keeping skin smooth and matt, plus the fragrance is very delicate so it’s really pleasant to use.

kóri - face wash


What is it: This gentle everyday cleanser gives a real deep clean, without ripping the skin off your face. Suitable for all skin types, it contains witch hazel, aloe vera, orange, eucalyptus, and biodegradable exfoliating beads to combat dryness, soothe the skin, and keeping oil at bay.

Our verdict: This face wash provides the right level of exfoliation - you can really feel it deep cleansing your skin without being too much. Smells great as well.


gösta - facial tonic


What is it: Facial toner isn’t an item you can typically find in an average man's bathroom cabinet. However, using a toner on a daily basis can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin, soothing irritation after shaving, keeping your skin matt, and minimising blackheads and breakouts. Plus it only takes a few seconds to spray and it’s job done.

Our verdict: Entirely unknown to mankind, this facial tonic was a revelation. It leaves skin fresh and soothed, and it’s great in hot weather to refresh and mattify. Very addictive.

danne - shave gel


What is it: The natural formulation of this shave gel works to keep your skin happy, given that shaving is probably the most upsetting thing for your skin, particularly if it’s sensitive. Soothing aloe vera helps to combat post-shave irritation, whilst witch hazel keeps bacteria at bay.

Our verdict: You can use this gel clear for visibility and precision, or gently foamed. Neither way seems to work a hundred percent though, and the gel can't compete with the smoothness of a shave cream, which is still probably a better option for sensitive skin. Nice smell.

oska - razor handle


What is it: This ergonomic razor handle holds “osku” blades that come in sets of three or five for close cut or precision shave. The handle comes in a range of colours, and features grüum's patented glydå technology that helps to smooth the skin and raise hairs for a closer cut.

Our verdict: This razor didn’t work well on sensitive skin and left it feeling “pulled” and irritated. Might work better on sturdier skin though. Inconclusive.

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