Own a slice of paradise at Soneva Jani Chapter Two

3 February 2021

April French Furnell

Soneva Jani in the Maldives has expanded its offering with 27 new Water Reserves, with ownership available.

Soneva is a luxury resort operator known for its focus on sustainability and unique experiences. Guests can expect over-water luxury, superlative hospitality and exciting dining concepts and activities. For those who don’t want to leave, they can purchase a slice of this paradise through Soneva Villa Ownership, and with 27 new villas launched as part of Soneva Jani Chapter Two, there has never been a better time to consider ownership.

At the heart of the design of the new villas is privacy, creating a true sense of seclusion. With the ocean on all sides and unmatched views of the sunrise or sunset, few views can compare. The villas range from a spacious one-bedroom to a sprawling four-bedroom water reserve, each featuring vast indoor and outdoor living spaces and sweeping terraces, private pool, some have slides straight into the private lagoon, and outdoor bathrooms for bathing under the sun and stars. The one- and two-bedroom Reserves also have the iconic retractable roof over the master bed for stargazing. Ideal for families, all the rooms can be closed off, with a children’s sleeping area located just behind the master bedrooms for maximum peace of mind while staying overwater.

Like all of Soneva’s villas, the new Water Reserves have been crafted to the highest environmental standards, using sustainable materials, such as Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods, and state-of-the-art technology to reduce their impact on the planet. Commanding unforgettable views, they include 20 One Bedroom Water Reserves, six Two Bedroom Water Reserves (including one which has been designed to accommodate differently abled guests) and a Four Bedroom Water Reserve.

Soneva Villa Ownership is the only company in the Maldives to sell property to foreign investors, and with repeat business high, many individuals and families have opted for ownership. Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and founder said, “At Soneva, we create a unique universe that our guests cannot replicate anywhere else on the planet, meaning that our repeat level at Soneva Fushi is unusually high - possibly one of the highest in the world for a remote island resort. 50% of guests who are traveling 12 hours or greater to visit us are repeat visitors. Therefore, if a potential buyer plans to return year after year and spend a few of their annual holidays with us, purchasing a villa, especially if the investor comes from a high tax bracket, offers a great Return on Life.”

But buying a villa is not just about a financial investment – it’s about having a home to spend time with your loved ones every year. 

In addition, all villas operate as part of Soneva’s vision to become decarbonising through implementing programmes that will result in a net absorption of CO2. An environmental levy of 2% is added to each guest’s stay. The Soneva Foundation invests this in projects that have a positive environmental, social and economic impact and importantly, offset carbon emissions from resort activities and guest flights.

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