New limited edition for Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask from the Hayo’u Method

Date: 22 Mar 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

The Hayo’u Method celebrates women (and mothers) with a new limited edition of its Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask, available now with an embroidered pouch.

Carefully designed to relieve stress and calm busy minds, the Hayo’u Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask is now available to purchase with a new limited edition, embroidered pouch. It is the ultimate, daily self care tool for overwhelmed, time-poor women. It is hand threaded with dozens of cooling Clear Quartz crystals which help alleviate puffiness, soothe tired eyes and reduce fine lines. Facial tension is released and glow and lustre returned to the skin. There is no ritual or effort required: the mask just needs to be placed on the eyes and then the magic begins. Flip the mask downwards and cover the jawline for a full-face treatment addressing chapped lips, slack jawlines and tense jaws. For extra relief, the mask can be stored in the fridge for 5 minutes. 

Hayo’u founder, Katie Brindle, expertly designed the mask to ensure it carefully covers all the significant acupressure and reflex points on and around the eyes, temples, upper brow and cheekbones. The Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask is a luxurious aid for anyone wishing to treat themselves or a loved one to the gift of self-care. It is an indispensable tool for headache sufferers or those with allergies. 

Clear Quartz is well-known for its calming qualities, so it is the perfect addition to any meditation session plus, in line with Hayo’u’s ethos of sustainable sourcing, the thread used is natural, biodegradable and plastic free.

As a truly spoiling accompaniment, the limited-edition Hayo’u pouch is intricately embroidered with pink peonies. It is the ideal safe space for your mask, your favourite Hayo’u Crystals or other self-care tools. 

Founder of the Hayo’u Method Katie Brindle, comments: 

According to Chinese medicine, the eyes are a holographic map of the human body and its organs. That’s why I adore this mask; nurturing the eyes is an original, previously unknown way of caring for our entire body’s wellbeing, and what better way to do this than with a stunning and – most importantly – effective tool? The crystals further enhance the healing benefits of the mask, making it an essential and pleasurable self-care gift for everyone.

The Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask can be purchased at £109.00 or the option ‘Mask with pouch‘ is available for £129.00.

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