National Gallery Singapore opens two major exhibitions

16 November 2015

National Gallery Singapore opens two long-term exhibitions which will present about 1,000 artworks from the National Collection and key loans, weaving both chronological and thematic narratives on Singaporean and Southeast Asian modern art.

The two major exhibition spaces at the Gallery will aim to tell a story which links Singapore and Southeast Asia with the rest of the world. The DBS Singapore Gallery will place an emphasis on an understanding of Singaporean art and the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery will explore the wider region, providing a narrative of modern art in Southeast Asia within a framework of shared historical experiences.

The Gallery will also present two special exhibitions of work by Singaporean artist Chua Ek Kay and Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong. The exhibitions will showcase both artists’ synthesis of Chinese and Western art aesthetics.

When it opens to the public on the 24th of November, National Gallery Singapore will be the world’s first public museum with a focus on displaying, promoting and researching Southeast Asian art from the 19th century to the present day, relating this to wider Asian and international contexts, and creating a cultural dialogue between Singapore and the rest of the world. The Gallery is dedicated to strengthening and expanding its international relations and cultural exchange through its exhibition programming.


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