Nadiya Hussain designs the 'show stopper' for the new Champneys afternoon tea

14 June 2016

The array of sweet and savouries included with Champneys afternoon tea have been crafted to help maintain the long standing tradition whilst bringing in up-to-date nutrition and food trends. With sugar being frowned upon but most healthy eaters, their chefs use natural fruit sugars and plant-based sweeteners to minimise the need for refined processed sugars. For example, new wholemeal scones are higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals than their refined counterparts and are served with creamy fromage frais and pure fruit spread to maximise flavour but lessen the calorie, fat and sugar load.

The use of ‘superfoods’ at Champneys helps people strive towards optimal health and wellbeing and many of these elements have been incorporated into the new afternoon tea menu.  You can savour skin-boosting avocado, packed with vitamin E in the crab and avocado lettuce cups served with fresh mango salsa. The resort uses flax and chia bread which is wheat and yeast-free and makes a perfect base for their sandwiches. Smoked salmon with lemon and dill crème fraiche alongside Champneys chicken and superslaw is brimming with mood lifting nutrients such as omega 3, magnesium and zinc. The feel good factor continues with baked smoked salmon Scotch egg; it is rich in tryptophan and choline, both of which are powerful brain boosting chemicals. 

The attractive and colourful appearance of Champneys afternoon tea not only increases appeal to the senses but also indicates the immune-boosting, anti-ageing capabilities of the antioxidant rich phytonutrients. Colour equals nutrition when it comes to food and their zingy fresh palette-cleansing blueberry and green tea shot demonstrates this perfectly.  

Those with sweet tooth will appreciate the summer dream mousse, homemade lemon curd, and chocolate aubergine cake. Made with wholemeal flour and raw cacao for extra goodness, the addition of the aubergine is a trick to add moisture and sweetness without the need for further fat and sugar. The dessert offering is completed with signature Champneys Superfood Bliss Balls, full of nutty goodness from coconut and pistachio and natural sweetness from goji berries and dates.  Perfect when washed down with the lychee or blueberry flowering tea that blooms before your very eyes for a touch of magic.

Finally the icing on the cake is the Champneys ‘show stopper’ that forms the centrepiece of the beautifully put together afternoon tea stands. This chocolatey masterpiece has been specially crafted by the baker, columnist and the 2015 winner of The Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain.