Metadata scrubber launches from MetaDiscover, Pinpoint Labs

Date: 07 Mar 2008


US based Pinpoint Labs, a litigation support and forensics software development company, have launched MetaDiscover, a software tool which allows users to view, scrub and extract extended metadata fields without installing Microsoft Office. “While supporting the file collection and discovery process we learned that attorneys want access to additional information in Microsoft Office documents,” said Jon Rowe, Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), and President of Pinpoint Labs. “MetaDiscover helps with upfront litigation analysis.” MetaDiscover includes a variety of features including quick access to the ‘Last 10 Authors and Locations’ information which is very useful and found in Microsoft Word documents. MetaDiscover includes key features and functionality such as: Batch extract: MetaDiscover will view, extract and scrub up to 29, rarely explored metadata fields that are not normally extracted toward e-discovery. Exact copy: Users can create an exact copy of the original files before scrubbing and a chain of custody tracks the entire process and stores redacted or scrubbed information. Encryption ID: MetaDiscover identifies encrypted or password protected Microsoft Office documents without a lengthy process.

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