The Merchant of Venice’s enchanting new release

7 August 2019

Jasmin Dewan

Launching exclusively in Harrods in September 2019, The Merchant of Venice are expanding their Murano Exclusive Collection Line to include their all-new scent Imperial Emerald created by perfumer Jordi Fernandez.

Valued at £250 (100ml), the perfume was inspired by the majesty and beauty of the peacock and represents the mysticism of different cultures, paying homage to the raw materials rarely used in perfumery while also continuing the brand’s mission to offer customers an original, aromatic experience.

The peacock represents immorality and regal bearing in a plethora of different lifestyles, enabling The Merchant of Venice to bottle a fragrance of timeless elegance, reminiscent of a picturesque Italian garden with the sun setting and the aroma of hedgerows drifting through the alleyways.

Graceful and enchanting, the scent has a subtle base of White Musk & Amber, layered with elements of Iris, Egyptian Jasmine and Lily of the Valley.

Exclusively available at Harrods.


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Instagram: @themerchantofvenice

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