Making money out of wine ” – London International Vintners Exchange

Date: 01 Dec 2006


It is a given that most of us enjoy wine, particularly a fine one. There is also much information in the market about what to buy and I’m sure most of us have dashed down to pick up a case of this or that on the back of a tip off.

But taking things into the realm of an alternative investment, well then there is some news.

Liv-ex which just made its website, new, shiny and improved, collects published wine lists from wine merchants in the fine wine sector. The price information is then cleansed, sorted and entered into their database. This is then put on to their website. List prices reflect published prices for in bond stock. If you pay for a Platinum subscription or are a merchant,

Liv-ex also displays bids, offers and traded prices from its own proprietary trading platform.

Apparently Harrods launched something similar a while ago but the service requires a bit of work with CD Rom’s being downloaded. This is completely different in that the information is live and being monitored and watched by worldwide vintners and is also available on Bloomberg.

If you click on their website you will see real time trades of Dom Perignon and other fine wines rotating.

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