Magic Circle Awards Special: Nancy Curtin, CIO and Head of Bespoke, Close Brothers

Date: 08 Apr 2015


What was the pivotal moment in your career?

There were two important moments in my career. First when I made the switch from investment banking, which I did many years ago, and I entered the investment world where I have been working for last 20 years. And then certainly when I made a move from being an institutional investor to taking the same disciplines and applying those to working with private clients.

Who has been a good influence on you?

My clients. We spend a lot of time on the business side thinking about the world and what’s going on on the macro front and what kind of stock should we buy, thinking about how to put together portfolios that are going to meet different return targets. It’s very exciting, very intellectual. But you always get grounded when you meet with your clients because it’s their money, this is so important to them, to their lifestyle, their objectives. I always feel grounded after I spend time with clients talking about portfolio and what it means to them.

What does being shortlisted for the Magic Circle Awards mean to you?

Outstanding. It has been incredibly exciting and it would be amazing to win, of course. But even to be shortlisted is to be recognised by one of the greatest professional bodies in our industry. So I am thrilled, I am delighted, and I am honoured to have this opportunity.

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