Magic Circle Awards Special: Louise Hartley, Director at Citi Private Bank

Date: 08 Apr 2015


What was the pivotal moment in your career?

It was joining Citi Private Bank in 2008. I’ve spent a number of years beforehand looking after many more clients who are for smaller asset base. Joining the private bank allowed me to really focus on the ultra high net worth space. So I looked after smaller clients and I could really look after them and understand them, their needs, and provide solutions. Not long afterwards, it was the financial crisis so it was a challenging time to be advising clients but equally, in retrospect, it was a great experience.

Who has been a good influence on you?

Probably my most recent manager who is now the head of UK team here atCitiPrivate Bank and he has really supported my career development, taught me to think more laterally about how I can use the Citi franchise to help my clients. He is very experienced and has always been very supportive.

What does being shortlisted for Magic Circle Awards mean to you?

It’s a great honour and it’s quite a surprise. Magic Circle Awards are fantastic because they bring together a whole range of professionals that work for private clients, be it lawyers, wealth managers, private bankers, or property experts. It’s great to be recognised by your peers.

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