Magic Circle Awards Special: Davina Katz, Partner and Head of Schillings Family

Date: 09 Apr 2015


What was the pivotal moment in your career?

It was when I joined Schillings six years ago to set up a new family department. It was a great opportunity to create something and went from having no family footprint here to a team of six.

Who has been a good influence on you?

The person with the biggest influence on me was probably my father. He gave me my drive and taught me never to underestimate people. It was a sage lesson because I meet clients from all walks of life and it’s always the one you least expect that will blow you away, that does or has done something remarkable which you would not necessarily expect.

What does being shortlisted for the Magic Circle Awards mean to you?

I am enormously flattered. I am sure that anyone who has been shortlisted is very flattered. It’s really gratifying especially because divorces is quite a difficult area of law to market as people either need to get divorced or not, and so given the nature of the work we are doing an how sensitive it is, this is a great achievement. Being nominated for an award means that you have something you can point to in terms of recognition.

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