The Luxury Edit of Sabbaticals

5 June 2019

April French Furnell

With retirement age increasing, work-life balance being threatened by the inability to switch off from emails, and health becoming more of a priority among millennials; the number of sabbaticals being taken by professionals is expected to increase in the coming years.

If you are thinking of taking an extended break, what do you do with your precious time? Citywealth spoke to Mark Allvey, MD of Niquesa Travel, the luxury holiday and experience gurus, to find out his recommendations.  

“No longer is it just the student taking a sabbatical more and more of us are looking for peace of mind. This could be anything from a hobby to a morning of meditation but for a growing number of people it’s about taking a longer stretch of time to satisfy ones need to learn, enrich, enlighten, connect or give-back. Sabbaticals can be a few weeks, months or years and something that is certainly on the rise”, says Allvey.

The three-month break to replenish body and mind

If you are looking to take yourself away from the stresses of everyday life, then Niquesa recommends a three-month trip to India, Denmark, and Canada. In India, take in the exotic sights and mind-expanding moments on a wellness inspired holiday focused on nutrition, meditation and yoga in partnership with renowned nutritionist Sarah Macklin, undertaking a one-to-one consultation ahead of departure at her Harley Street Clinic. With daily yoga, time spent volunteering with an NGO to help distribute healthy and hygienic meals to the underprivileged, and even afternoon tea with a Maharaja at his palace; India is sure to feed the soul. The next stop is Denmark where you’ll learn to change your spirit and outlook on life guided by a social anthropologist and happiness expert. Finally, a stop in Canada where you can explore the unknown on an expedition with Dr. Raj Joshi. You’ll spend a week in the wilderness, following instructions and charting a path through an undisclosed location, a journey designed to profoundly challenge your belief system.

Rediscovering the spirit of play

Perhaps you have forgotten how to have fun. If so, Niquesa recommends a three-month adventure with a loved one focused on the spirit of play taking in California, Cuba and Brazil. You’ll start with a 500-mile road trip from San Francisco to Santa Monica discovering stunning beaches, iconic cities and hidden gems including access to Hollywood’s invitation-only events, and a hot air balloon trip of the vineyards of Napa Valley. In Cuba, meet the movers and shakers at privately hosted dinner parties, sip cocktails with the British Ambassador at his Havana residence and meet the son of Che Guevara. The last stop on your trip is Brazil where you’ll go behind the scenes at the Rio Carnival and head centre-stage for a starring role.

The year-long family trip

For a family wishing to reconnect with one another, a year-long sabbatical offers the perfect opportunity to see the world and make memories that will create a lasting bond. Niquesa recommends a global yacht expedition with opportunities to enjoy time both on and off the boat. Experiences include a helicopter tour of the ancient Mayan ruins of Uaxactun, kayaking across the saltwater crater lake of Satonda Island, getting up close and personal with humpback whales in Nuqui, and heli-skiing in the remote Southern Alps of New Zealand. For the children, there is also the opportunity to create a wildlife documentary with a legendary filmmaker, and a pirate-themed treasure hunt around colonial Cartagena.

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