Lives of the Rich and Famous: Valerie Austin

Date: 05 Jan 2007


Valerie Austin, world renowned hypnotherapist; author of best selling books “Self Hypnosis” published by Thorsons; the original “Stop Smoking in One Hour” and inventor of the ‘Austin Technique’, which is used as an authoritative hypnotherapy method, has had a rollercoaster life, mirroring her British seaside upbringing. She was born in Blackpool, which she describes as similar to Vegas in its day and reveals easily that she is a self confessed “Lancashire lass.” Lunching at her swanky yacht club in St Katherines Dock, her Blackpool accent though, is hardly noticeable, which confirms that she has come a long way since then.

Her parents, who were comfortably off, ran a prosperous hotel called the Beaula Hotel which was visited by the formidable, recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto, known as “Pinky,” and her family. Bhutto’s relatives later bought the hotel when Valerie’s parents decided to sell up, to use as a safe house during tumultuous political times in Pakistan in the seventies. “Back then, Blackpool used to attract lots of interesting and glamorous people, like Bhutto.” Remembers Valerie. “It had it’s own crowd of ‘beautiful people.” I ask if she was one of them when she confesses to having had an hour glass figure, which is still evident. “It included pop stars.” Continues Valerie, smiling unabashed in answer. “Like the Beatles with screaming fans following them everywhere. It was a great time and I loved the party scene.”

At eighteen she left college, married and had a baby soon afterward, but life didn’t turn into the fairytale she expected. Her husband developed an addiction to alcohol and gambling which eventually led to the breakdown of their marriage and divorce at twenty five. To support herself and her son, Valerie fell into a job selling advertising space on a commission only basis and surprised herself by quickly becoming top sales person; breaking all their records during her seven years there. As a further bonus, sometime later, she was able to leverage the sales experience and now uses hypnosis with corporate sales teams and senior management for improved productivity and stress management. Valerie explains. “One company commissioned me to get their telephone sales people on the phone more. They identified that the more calls sales people made, the more sales they got, so I used hypnosis to change attitudes and increase their desire to make calls.” Her client, who one assumes was pleased, said: “Calls went through the roof.”

Valerie now works with many celebrities and stars and offers corporate courses on hypnotherapy. She lectures and holds workshops for companies on stress and increasing productivity in business. She has also put together an exclusive DIY pack, in time for your new years resolutions, to stop smoking. It can be downloaded from the internet.


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