A-Lift Facial for men and women - Relax, freshen and tighten skin with nanocurrent technology

16 March 2018

Karen Jones

A-Lift is the latest technology to improve the signs of aging through muscle re-education and cell regeneration. Using nanocurrent and electro-stimulation against the skin to increase collagen, the A-Lift facial will make your face look younger and firmer. The treatment feels as relaxing as a facial, but the benefits are deeper and include:

  • tone muscles lifting areas around the eyes, jawline and neck
  • use lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness by improving circulation and blood flow
  • increase collagen production and encourage cell regeneration, which improves overall skin texture and tone
  • reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • treats acne and scarring
  • improve skin problems such as dullness, dryness, dark circles, sun damage, spots and large pores

After an A-Lift facial, skin looks brighter with a healthy glow. A-Lift applies nanocurrent technology onto the skin and through the muscle creating a natural recharge of your cells. The cells renew quicker, toning the muscles around the face, neck and jawline. Treatment times are 30-90 minutes depending on the area of concern. We recommend five to ten treatments, once or twice per week based on client availability. An A-Lift facial is £65 for 30 minutes or £85 for 60 minutes.

Corium Skincare Aesthetics is based at 1 Harley Street and specialise in non surgical cosmetic procedures like the A-Lift for the face and body. Corium also offer fat reduction and body sculpting to remove problem areas like post pregnancy stomachs or areas of fat on thighs. Consultations are available to discuss personalised treatment plans.

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