Lexis Nexis Martindale-Hubbell web list your lawyers with in-house counsel ratings

Date: 06 Jul 2007


Lexis Nexis offer an independent rating of your lawyers on the web. They survey in house counsel and ask them for feedback by various criteria then award them a stamp or seal of approval. This means that any client can search the web find a firm they are interested in and see if a partner or associate has received a review. The content tells work referrers what sort of work the firm does, how much and when this type of work was carried out, the value and amount of transactions. It includes a profile of the firm, people, practice, offices and diversity.

For instance I can see who has received a rating and read the lawyer profile and then click to see how many staff are in the diverse category. Adorno & Yoss for instance is the largest certified minority owned law firm in the USA with seventy two percent of its staff being listed as women or of colour.

Although the firms listed seem to be mainly American you can read about firms such as Morgan, Lewis & Bockius who will be a comparable practice for many of you in London. I think its one unique point is that it shows transparently how much work each law firm is actually doing in a specific area which may prove an asset or wake up call for marketers doing beauty parade prep.

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