LDM Global add five new members to its eDiscovery technology and professional services staff to support its recent growth

Date: 17 Jan 2011


LDM Global announced the addition of five new members to its technology and professional services staff to support its recent growth. Last month the company reported revenues were up a hundred and sixty seven percent over last year. In particular the company saw strong growth in collections, forensics and hosting revenues.

LDM Global CEO Chris O’Reilly stated the reason for the strong performance is the growing international scope of eDiscovery. While lots of providers have a limited geographical scope, clients have a growing need for a provider that understands and can help manage cross border litigation and eDiscovery. “Last year we really started to see the expansion of eDiscovery matters from the U.S. to other countries, especially in the UK. Our company is one of the few that has the technology and services to support global matters.” He said, “We fully expect this trend to continue so we are staffing up to make sure our clients’ international needs are well taken care of.”

The additions include two new Professionals Services team members and three technology team members. All have extensive experience with eDiscovery. Each has held critical positions in the past helping manage high profile cases for Global 1000 corporations and AMLAW 100 firms.

Don MacFarlane, Head of Global Operations & General Counsel commented; “The additions to the professional services and technology teams give us the best global technology support and project management in the industry. They have more experience and technology expertise under their belts than any other provider can offer. We know it is the expertise of our people combined with technology solutions that help our clients significantly reduce their eDiscovery costs.”

LDM Global is a worldwide premier legal document and information management provider specializing in computer forensics, tape restoration, large scale electronic and paper based discovery services, online review and international projects. Since its inception in 1996, LDM Global has remained at the forefront of the legal industry. LDM Global is known for its legal document management expertise and superior customer service, which has made it the leading international company of choice for lawyers worldwide. LDM Global operates from 6 major locations – London, Manchester, Brussels, Paris, Sydney and Washington DC.

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