The Jameson Cult Film Club curators get together to kick off the brand new season of cult film screenings

16 September 2010

After overwhelming demand last year, Jameson Cult Film Club is back for a second season – with more cult films, being brought to life in unique locations, with great Jameson cocktails.

Taxi Driver screened in a Soho car park in London, is the first in this year’s Jameson Cult Film Club series of film experiences. Others will take place in London, Manchester and Liverpool between September 2010 and March 2011. Each screening will be held in a location relevant to the film, creating an immersive sensory experience to transport guests into the world of each film. Previous events have included Trainspotting in a warehouse, Dracula in a Chapel and This Is Spinal Tap in a disused music venue.

Each event will also be hosted by an exclusive cult film luminary – curating the events for the towns in which they were born and grew up in.

The first London screening will be hosted by cult film curator Riz Ahmed, experienced in the world of controversial filmmaking through his roles in the Chris Morris screenplay Four Lions and film documentary The Road to Guantanamo. The Liverpool event will be hosted by Stephen Graham, well-known for his roles in cult films such as This is England and Snatch, with our Manchester event hosted by Matt Greenhalgh, the much sought-after screenwriter of music biopics Control and Nowhere Boy.

Riz Ahmed, curator of the London events,  the first of which is a  screening of Taxi Driver on the 23 September, comments:  "Cult films are what excite me -unexpected stories that punch above their weight and leave a lasting impression on us. A film like Taxi Driver is part of the reason I went into acting. I'm excited to be a part of Jameson’s celebration of cult film, I think making bold alternative films is what we do best in the UK and I'm proud to have worked with directors taking those risks. These are films that find pride of place in our collections long after the box office summer smashes have faded from memory - and I hope by promoting them we encourage UK film makers to stay uncompromising and stay creative."

The Jameson Cult Film Club season will comprise of the following films:

23 September 2010, Taxi Driver, London
28 October 2010, Carrie, Liverpool

29 October 2010, Quatermass & the Pit, London
30 October 2010, Amityville Horror, London
31 October 2010, Psycho, London 

November, Aliens, Manchester

February 2011, Future Cult, London

March 2011, Film tbd, Manchester

To get your free tickets to these events, all you have to do is sign up to the Jameson Cult Film Club blog - 


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