Invest in women to end global poverty

Date: 01 Feb 2008


Investing in women is the surest way to end global poverty. Women produce most of the world’s food yet own only 1 percent of the land. Women are also more likely to spend their income on food, education and healthcare for their children. Investing in women is the surest way to reduce poverty in entire families and communities.

Women’s Funding Network has partnered with Women Thrive Worldwide (formerly the Women’s Edge Coalition) to urge support of an innovative bill before Congress that would empower millions of women living in poverty.

The Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive Act (GROWTH) addresses some of the most crippling and unequal obstacles women face in earning an income. By shaping U.S. assistance and trade policy to empower women, it would provide women in poor countries with the tools they need to lift their families out of poverty: tools such as equal property rights, help starting and growing small businesses, access to credit, fair and equal wages and working conditions, and access to global trade.

Tell your Senators and Representative to co- sponsor the GROWTH Act.

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