Iamyiam DNA testing: Gluten free but dairy? Oui…And lots more caffeine for me….

2 February 2017

Karen Jones

Smoking is bad for you, isn’t it? It’s a question that most people would answer yes to, but my grandmother lived until 84 having smoked sixty, very strong cigarettes, a day. As well as this she only ate jam tarts. For those who have no idea what they are, it’s pastry with jam inside, a low-cost cake but more importantly just carbs and sugar, bad right? So often for fun, I present her longevity as a case study to the various health professionals I meet. The general response is, “stress was the missing element” otherwise they predict she would have met an earlier demise.

Maybe the experts are right but maybe they are wrong? Maybe she had cast iron genes? Our family motto is our family name: ‘Hardy by name, Hardy by nature’ and some like Stanford University, stem cell biologist agree, he says that our thinking has a bigger impact on cell behaviour than we currently understand so perhaps as a family we have thought ourselves healthy no matter the nutrition?

Having visited the various UK, Austrian and German health clinics who include Grayshott, FX Mayr, Viva Mayr and the Lanserhof Tegernsee, I feel that I have been analysed, blood tested, applied kinesiology muscle tested, liver cleansed, lymphatic drainage massaged, given eating training, broth traumatised (!), electronic body fat to muscle ratio checked and consequently have my nutrition nailed. Or do I? Here comes the curve ball. The age of the phone is upon us and instead of relying on health experts, or even the internet with its plethora of magic advice, for a fee of £387 (limited time discounts are available on the website currently January 2017) I can now send-off samples of my saliva to have my DNA tested and have the results revealed through their website.

Taking 4-6 weeks, there is a bit of time delay for delivery of the results but for considered individuals, it is shopping and new bragging rights, like golf for the clients at Goldman Sachs. “Of course, I’ve had my DNA tested and...,” well the results are personal, factual and intriguing.

Accessible via a login which you can do with Facebook, you can click four options which are diet, nutrients, fitness and health which show a breakdown of your DNA results. The consequence is that I now know I am gluten intolerant for sure but not so for lactose, so bring on the dairy for me. Other strange findings include a superior ability to break down caffeine which in my head means I can drink gallons of it, and a moderate sweet taste perception which when you click the option tells me that I don’t have an overly sweet tooth so my predisposition to sweet snacks is low. Something that I always knew, I find most sweet items far sweeter than others, but it is interesting to have this confirmed in e-writing it suggests that I will not over indulge.

Other findings include blood pressure being normal which means I am less likely to get strokes and this is consistent with doctors who have always found my blood pressure to be excellent. However, my results also indicate that I have the potential to be obese so the recommendation is 4gm Glucomannan, a plant supplement, which helps maintain healthy cholesterol and one or two glasses of water before meals. Although this directly contravenes the various clinics who will tell that water and food together in quantity wash away the digestive enzymes.

The service continues to offer you a personalised plan at a touch of a ‘button’ and also directs me to scientific articles to read. My recommendations for activities include hatha yoga, Chinese acupuncture and nutrition advice which recommends fish oil, vitamin D and Glucomannan. The site then offers practitioners to contact to explore the advice.

So back to grandma, smoking is bad, yes but jam tarts? Well, carbs, it turns out from iamyiam are difficult genetically for me to absorb so the recommendation is to eat lots of low carb options like zoodles or another alternative to pasta. It sounds like sensible advice but I am not sure on a taste test that Grandma Hardy would agree. However, seeing my genetics, I know I can eat sweet things without worry so perhaps like Bruce Lipton our Stanford scientist believes, she had a sixth sense on the carbs anyway?

Get your DNA test and review the service here.

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