I.G. Advisors announces new CEO

Date: 01 Dec 2021

Silvia Ricciardi

I.G. Advisors, the award-winning consultancy working with philanthropists, businesses and nonprofits to create social and environmental impact, has appointed a new CEO.

Effective immediately, Emily Collins-Ellis, current Managing Director, will take on the role of CEO. She will oversee both I.G. Advisors and The Mesa – the new digital platform incubated within the company. Alisha Fernandez Miranda, who has led the firm as MD and then CEO for the last 5 years, will remain involved with the organisation as Chair.

“I could not be more excited about this next phase of I.G.’s growth and development,” said Alisha. “It’s a true pleasure to give space to this new generation of leaders, and I cannot think of a better person than Emily to take the lead.”

Emily Collins-Ellis has been an integral part of the company for more than six years and has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership, passion, and integrity. In 2021 she was also named one of Citywealth Magazine’s Top Recommended Philanthropic Advisors.

“It has been a transformative experience to work alongside Alisha and Carlos for the last 6 years, and I continue to be inspired by their vision and commitment to transforming the social impact landscape,” said Emily Collins-Ellis. “I am grateful to be entrusted with this responsibility, and excited for the opportunity to lead this amazing team into the next phase of our work and to continue bringing my perspective as a queer woman to the field”.

“I would already proudly stake our team, our culture and our collective intelligence in any fight for justice and progress,” Ms Collins-Ellis continued. “What I see next for us is a deepening of our solidarity with one another and our clients, our commitment to people and the planet alongside profit, as well as our ambitions to always exceed expectations. Through initiatives of ours like The Mesa, I’m also excited to move the needle on vital issues where we know we can achieve the most impact, and support others to do the same.”

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