Hypnosis increasing Performance

Date: 02 Oct 2009


Valerie Austin, author of 5 successful books including ‘Self Hypnosis’, international Hypnotherapist and corporate trainer, is forming a partnership with successful business and marketing consultant Norman Clark, who she trained in advanced hypnosis in the mid 90’s. When he became chairman of a football team he went to Russia to learn hypnosis techniques to improve sports performance. “These same skill,” said Norman, “can be used to overcome inhabitations and fears of executives and employees which in turn improve staff performances.” This joint venture will begin with Valerie’s 7-day London advanced hypnotherapy course in November. Her boutique corporate workshops using self-hypnosis have been very successful. Valerie is confident this new venture will be particularly beneficial during these challenging economic times. She said, “I like to work in difficult areas such as telephone sales where the increased productivity can be monitored very easily”.

Established in 1990 her business catered to corporate clients including Holiday Inn, Malaysian Airlines, American Express, various councils, and solicitor groups. She also holds stress release courses for overworked businessmen on cruises to New York. This is a way to arrive in the ‘Big Apple’ ready for business with a sharp clear mind having removed negative mind baggage.

Valerie said, “At one time hypnosis was never mentioned in companies and the few that did use it covered it up by using another name or just kept it under wraps. However, for the first time beginning last year as the recession started to bite hard, numerous banking corporations, companies and even solicitors began contacting me feeling hypnosis could play a major part in helping them and their employees during this highly stressful period. My response was that hypnosis has over a two hundred year history of academic research and is, by far, the most powerful consistently proven therapy on the market.”

Valerie has pioneered special techniques of hypnosis for business. “It is like getting a skilled technician to get rid of the viruses in your computer” said Valerie, “only I deal with the viruses of the mind. I call it executive mind carwash. In fact the results are immediately apparent in increased performance and job satisfaction.”

Valerie Austin is also working with Valerie Blondeau who has an impressive background dealing with large charities, foreign governments and embassies. She was the coordinator for ‘Band Aid’ working with Bob Geldof and then Unicorn’s Children’s foundation USA. Blondeau is a PR Guru who specializes in teaching the importance of personal presentation.

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