How to manage coronavirus anxiety and other wellness tips

16 March 2020

April French Furnell

Adding spice to your diet, sleeping well, and practising yoga are just some of the ways you can manage your anxiety and stress during these difficult times.

Coronavirus, is all we read about, talk about and listen to on the news, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. With more and more people being asked to work from home, or self-isolating, and feeling cut off from friends and family, these feelings can easily become overwhelming.

Citywealth asked our host of wellness experts for their top tips for staying calm and keeping mentally and physically healthy.

For anyone dealing with symptoms, we urge you to follow your government’s advice. In the UK, dial 111 or visit You can also read the World Health Organisation’s advice here

Add spices to your diet

Taking inspiration from Ayurveda, the oldest healing science, include a variety of spices in your diet, which can help to reduce cell damage. “Start the day with Tulsi, Pippali (fruit of long pepper) and ginger tea to strengthen and cleanse the upper respiratory tract. Use turmeric and black pepper in meals daily, to boost immunity and reduce toxins. Turmeric can be taken as a drink with almond milk or added to morning oats to prepare a nourishing golden porridge”, said Dr Mathew, an Ayurvedic Consultant working with Ananda in the Himalayas.


Practice daily yoga and meditation at home

Both can help to alleviate stress, improve sleep and help you to breathe deeper. All of which are great for the immune system. It will also provide a chance to unplug and stop from obsessing over the news.

Drink plenty of water and teas

The best teas to strengthen the body’s immunity are those with caraway, cardamon, fennel or cinnamon. “Drink plenty of warm water. Staying well hydrated will keep the throat and mucous membrane moist, supporting its action as a good barrier to all microbes”, said Dr Mathew.

Invest in some mood enhancing products

For those looking for a ‘Beat the Blues’ remedy, try ilapothecary’s collection with a therapeutic, mood balancing, uplifting and happiness inducing blend. The range includes a room spray with clary sage, rose geranium, tuberose and petitgrain blended to clear an atmosphere and create a peaceful and uplifting space. Or try their SOS Pearl Drops, a potent modern-day rescue remedy combining homeopathy, flower essences, herbs, and gems such as amethyst and gold. It’s to be used in moments of fear, anxiety and restlessness. CBD oils, are also known for helping aid sleep. You can shop a full range here.  

…and breathe

According to Katie Brindle, founder of the Hayo’u Method based on Chinese medicine philosophy, “if your body is in a healthy, balanced state, it is harder for illness to get a foothold in the body”. She follows the three steps of the Hayo’u Method every single day to boost her immunity. These include body gua sha, bamboo tapping and a short breath technique.

“Breathing is quite simply the most powerful self-healing cure we have. Breathing properly will immediately switch your body into its parasympathetic, or rest phase. I practice our Hayo’u Rescue Breath every day in the bath or shower, because it only takes one-minute so is easy to fit in!” You can read more about the rituals here:



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