HIFU: Ultrasound skin tightening at New York Laser Clinic, Baker Street, W1

15 January 2020

April French Furnell

Having a high maintenance life has become a normality with even coffee being ordered on an app, bespoke and in a compostable cup. In the medical beauty world, which by past surveys counts lawyers as one of its best customers, there is a plethora of choices, many of which have expensive price tags, require upkeep and offer no guarantee of results or even worse, can go wrong and give you a fish pout.

Taking a recommendation, from the New York Laser Clinic, based in Baker Street, I was recommended to HIFU. My request was simply, I am 50, I have a few wrinkles face and neck, but I don’t want to go the Botox route so what else works? The response was HIFU or ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’, simply put, like you see in pregnancy, it is an ultrasound paddle put on the face to tighten it. Although it sounds slightly strange and uses acoustic energy, I did try it, and, I have been impressed with the results particularly on my neck. For younger readers, the neck area is a notoriously difficult area to retrieve once it starts a visible slide into old age.

The clinic says High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) heats targeted areas, creating a coagulating effect to the deeper layers of the skin. Acoustic energy is applied to the area you’d like to improve, this reaches the subcutaneous or innermost layer of the skin. The acoustic energy zaps into zones at 3 different depths followed by a wound healing response bringing new collagen and a short but also longer-term tightening to the skin. HIFU is currently used, as I did, for skin tightening but can also be used for, fat cell reduction, cellulite removal and body sculpting. They also say the Ultraformer’s new MF2 cartridge allows their consultants to treat the tricky eye area. Although HIFU does require upkeep, they say the most you can try is at 3-month intervals and the cost reflects the more medical approach to the treatment.

The New York Laser Clinic is clean and smart, the therapists friendly and knowledgeable, and it is a pleasant, comfortable experience, if not even a bit of a rest in the middle of the day. The clinicians were worried I would find the treatment painful, but I didn’t feel anything except a tingle in a tooth filling, so their worries were unnecessary.

They have regular offers and bundles and are very good at keeping your information easily to hand with just your phone number tapped into their system. Also centrally located, should you be WFH or popping out for your app purchased shot of caffeine, in of course, a reusable or compostable cup, with or without fish pout.

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