Half of our new clients come directly to us as a result of referrals

Date: 23 May 2016


Beverly Landais, marketing and BD director at Saunderson House talks about their brand and vision.

What social or digital media do you use?

We have an online presence via LinkedIn, Twitter and our corporate website. We also have a client portal, Saunderson House Online, which is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and has its own mobile app.

What sets your brand apart?

We aim to be leaders in communication especially on fee transparency, advice and investment performance. We believe you can’t have trust without transparency. We always show the total cost of supply; so our clients understand what the fund manager, the product provider and we are charging for our advice and we show this in pounds as well as a percentage.

What third parties do you use to help with social media content; your brand and reputation?

We work with a number of suppliers but particularly Sammedia for our client portal.

Tell us about your brand and its vision?

We can demonstrate sustainable growth in assets, clients and revenue because we invest in our people, processes and investment proposition and that is the vision that drives us forward. We are clear about our Core Brand Values which are: Outcome Driven; Excellence; Client Focused; Collaborative People and Acting Responsibly. We apply our Core Values through Client Service Principles which govern how we treat clients, our staff and the world at large.

How do you protect your organisations reputation?

An organisation’s brand exists in the minds of clients. It is framed by their actual experience of the service and performance delivered to them. This is one of the reasons why around half of our new clients come directly to us as a result of referrals. Ultimately we never forget that clients have a choice.

Beverly Landais is shortlisted in the Citywealth Brand Management and Reputation Awards. Vote here.

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