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The future of sustainable fashion

30 May 2017

Maxine Bédat, the co-founder of the award winning Zady.com, spent an evening speaking to members of the private wealth community about the future of fashion. The evening was hosted by the Law Offices of Suzanne M. Reisman. 

Maxine spoke about the serious impact our fashion choices have on our planet. Our clothes are cheaper than ever and this comes at enormous social cost.

Apparel is currently the second greatest polluter and while one in six people work in the apparel industry, ninety-eight percent of them do not receive a living wage. Eighty percent of these workers are women.

Maxine envisions the future of fashion with a transparent supply chain that includes a living wage and environmentally friendly materials. She stressed that we as consumers have the power to shift the practices of the apparel industry and that the changes companies must make do not need to impact their profitability.  In fact as consumer preferences shift towards sustainable practices those companies who do not change may see their profits decline.  Zady completed its first collection in partnership with actress and human rights advocate Emma Watson last year.  

“By making sustainable fashion choices we are doing something that goes far beyond a feel-good donation to a cause. We don't just put a band aid over an issue, like child labour, poverty or global warming, we actually have the power to solve the issues once and for all." 

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