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A fresh approach to health with Hayo’u

7 September 2017

Karen Jones

Mind over matter...

Hayo’u offer a combination of ancient Chinese techniques with Western practicality, that include help and diagnosis of health conditions to insights into your body and its individual mechanisms. As well as this, they have high quality beauty products made from rare ingredients to bring youthful looks without injections.

Offering private consultations to look at health conditions and consider how the whole body is contributing to any problem, Katie Brindle, who has spent a decade researching Chinese beauty and health methods, offers diagnosis and ongong care as well as many easy to follow Youtube videos showing breathing techniques or movements to expel stress and tension from the body. Her knowledge is sophisticated and like with all things, benefits from an in-person consultation or ongoing time with her.

Breathing, intuition and health of the mind are topics that are rising to the surface of the wellness world as information widens on meditation and even mental health issues.  Hayo’u combine many techniques that ask the body to heal itself.

As well as inspirational advice, she has a hero product, the beauty restorer which I now use each day. The tool is a flat, jade stone used on pressure points and with essential oil on the face. A one minute programme daily restores a youthful look and fresh plump skin with minimal effort. Many people say I look younger than my age of 50, but with this tool, my age is getting guessed at 30+. I’ll take that.

Having been convinced to use the Emotional Freedom Technique many years ago and being a firm believer in hypnosis and its effects on the physical body, I believe Katie is weaving many of these mind methods in combination with time tested Chinese techniques to give us natural, physical health. It is advanced thinking as we develop understanding of the effects of the modern world.

Her understanding of how to read the body and how the functions work together is second to none. With a few questions she was able to connect my drinking alcohol and caffeine with physical effects on my body which has helped me be more thoughtful about my choices and faster at acting to repair any excessive nights out with salt baths and drinks to balance my bodies processes.   She also recommended afternoon naps, a signal from my body that organs like the liver were in over work mode and needed some shut down time to restore.

I enjoyed my visit to Katie, found some eureka moments that have changed my thinking and life. Her blend of ‘lost’ wisdom and research into all the effects of the techniques she is using will need time and energy to absorb but if you do make time, you can experience a Hayo’u mind shift and quantum leap into a better place.  


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