A fresh approach to fashion rentals with By Rotation

23 March 2021

April French Furnell

The fashion rental space has grown considerably in recent years as consumers become more environmentally conscious with their wardrobe choices.

Many argue that the traditional format, as introduced by Rent The Runway, is in reality no better for the planet than the retail market. Its business model centres around buying its own inventory of designer pieces, which essentially means the platform just becomes another stockist, except they also consume huge amounts of energy on dry-cleaning once the items are returned.

By Rotation is the world’s first social fashion rental app, enabling its 40k strong community to rent fashion and monetise their wardrobes. Its fresh perspective allows fashion lovers – dubbed ‘Rotators’ – to consumer fashion peer-to-peer. No stock, no storage, no stores: all digital.

The app already boasts a vibrant community from students, professors, bankers, homemakers and lawyers to style icons and influencers including Lady Amelia Windsor, Stacey Dooley MBE, Camille Charriere, Jessie Bush, and Monikh.

Some of the hot items on the app currently include this Daily Sleeper blue set, which could be yours for just £8 a day.

While wedding guests can take their pick of some of the latest additions including FaithFull the Brand, Rixo and Staud.

Visit: By Rotation to download the app.

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