Five sustainable products to boost your health and support a busy lifestyle.

26 July 2021

Stephanie Haruna

Symbeeosis is an ethically driven Greek brand who specialise in certified organic food and beverages of the highest quality. With organic local honey fortified with natural extracts and packed with antioxidants, de-stressing mountain teas and traditionally therapeutic dried medicinal herbs, these products will compliment your health and busy lifestyle. 

Founded by two pharmacists and married couple Nikos and Niki Koutsianas, Symbeeosis is inspired by the eternal ‘symbiosis’ between nature and people. This latest venture is rooted in the concept that Hippocrates first ever said: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.


Here are five of their sustainable products for you to try

  1. Greek Organic Mountain Tea and Lavender

Steer Symbeeosis’ Greek Organic Mountain Tea and lavender for 3-5 minutes for a cup of relaxation.

A caffeine-free relaxing tea that alleviates stress and contributes to a calmer sleep. Mountain Tea has an antioxidant and invigorating effect; it enhances memory function and strengthens the immune system while the lavender has naturally calming and soothing properties.

  1. Greek Organic Chamomile

A chamomile tea before bed is ideal for a restful sleep, soothing your body and mind.

Chamomile has important antiseptic properties, relieves stomach ailments, and soothes cold symptoms. Created from organic crops that respect the natural environment, Symbeeosis’ Chamomile is fortified with active dry extract to enhance its action.

  1. Greek Organic Thyme Honey

Unwind with one of nature’s nutritional treasures, nomadic, organic honey is an exceptional all-natural delicacy.

This honey is great for culinary creations thanks to its unique flavour. The bio-functional organic honey provides antioxidants and tonic properties. Symbeeosis’ Greek Organic Honey is produced via sustainable beekeeping practices that protect nature’s most valuable pollinator. So, you can rest assured that this honey is not only pure for you but pure for the planet also.

  1. Greek Organic Honey and Propolis

Symbeeosis’ Greek Organic Honey and Propolis is a unique bio functional honey product, made from high-quality Greek honey enriched with active propolis extract.

Propolis is used by bees as an antiseptic for their hives, but for humans it is a nutritional treasure. A true superfood, propolis contains flavonoids that contribute to the microbial balance in the body organs and tissues. One tablespoon a day is enough to boost your immune system.

  1. Greek Organic Heather Honey

This honey has an intense aroma with spicy notes, semi-sweet flavour, and creamy texture.

Just a spoonful at the start of the day will provide energy. It’s also handy to keep for a healthy treat. Heather honey is an exceptional antioxidant and has very low impact on blood sugar.


Try this simple recipe:


1 Greek Organic Mountain Tea Trinity pyramid, 1 vanilla bean, 1 tsp Symbeeosis thyme honey (optional), fresh berries or peaches


In half a cup of hot water, steep the Mountain Tea Trinity pyramid and the vanilla bean. If you wish to add honey, now is the time, before the water cools down. Leave the pyramid and the vanilla in the water for 10 minutes, preferably with the cup covered. Then, remove the pyramid and add cold water. Serve in a glass over ice with the vanilla and fresh fruit.


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