First Dates’ bartender Merlin Griffiths in your own home

12 August 2020

April French Furnell

Global Bartending is the world’s first talent agency dedicated to the most influential bartenders. With the help of their specialist team, you can create a bespoke experience from First Dates’ bartender Merlin Griffiths to mix cocktails for your guests, to a mindful cocktail creation session with Sunday Brunch’s Camille Vidal.

To celebrate the launch, Merlin Griffiths shares his ‘lockdown cocktail’ of choice with Citywealth readers.

The thing with "lock down cocktails" (and to be honest most home cocktails) is to use easily available ingredients, not too many of them, and make it simple. Oh, and avoid calling it a Quarantini, that's been done already, trust me. 

Personally, my lock down started with the forced closure of my bar, which meant I had a surfeit of raspberries to use. And that was because we've been flying the flag for the Florodora for a few years now. A cocktail that's over a century old, and named after a British Broadway troupe. Originally it used raspberry syrup and lemon juice, however we've updated it slightly for a fresher taste with the only sugar coming from Ginger Ale. It really is a one size fits all drink, and I've not yet found a guest who hasn't liked it. So here's a simple home recipe for my top lock down cocktail, the Florodora

In a large highball glass,
Squish 4-5 raspberries
Add 1 1/2 shots of heavy gin, like Plymouth
Squeeze the juice of half a lime and keep the shell
Add a dash of Angostura if you have it (don't sweat if not)
Fill glass to the brim with ice
Top up with ginger ale
Give a quick stir to mix and garnish with the lime shell and a (paper) straw.
Sip and ignore the chaos for a brief moment




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