Financial services firm Lane Clark & Peacock selects Recommind

Date: 10 Jan 2012


Recommind, the provider of predictive information management software, today announced that Lane Clark & Peacock, a European financial services consultancy, has selected Recommind’s Decisiv Email to overhaul its email management strategy. The Recommind relationship replaces one of the UK’s leading enterprise infrastructure software providers, whose solution proved inadequate for LCP’s requirements.

LCP is a financial services consultancy specialising in pensions, investments, insurance and business analytics. Its customers include 25 per cent of the FTSE 100 and several multi-national organisations. As such, with the sensitive nature of information that changes hands in this environment, it is essential that the firm’s 500 staff have secure access to all relevant emails and attachments, and can store and manage them efficiently.

“We first identified the need for better email filing a decade ago. After scanning the market for the past ten years, and trialing a variety of alternative email solutions, Decisiv Email is the only product we’ve seen that truly works, and more importantly, meets the complex needs of our industry,” said Alex Waite, partner at LCP. “The sheer volume of knowledge we hold in email has become staggering, and we believe that with an effective email management system, we can harness that information to provide better value for our clients. Recommind has given us the capability to implement a solution directly within Microsoft Outlook, which has unprecedented and powerful technology behind the scenes, to deliver predictive filing suggestions to the user with amazing accuracy.”

Decisiv Email will transform day-to-day operations for LCP as email becomes a collaborative process and will no longer occur solely at the personal inbox level, which leaves valuable information in silos. Recommind’s ground-breaking Predictiv Filing technology automatically predicts where new messages belong, learning from human decisions to consistently deliver accurate logical filing suggestions. For example, whether filing is done according to team, project or recipient, the technology learns to suggest filing emails in accordance with these indicators, and can retrieve information on any category layer, which makes accessing and storing emails simpler than ever before. Filing and access is now available at an enterprise level, so that the filing decisions of one benefit the full organisation and the information previously hidden away in email is now easily available to all those who should have access. Moreover, to deliver a truly integrated email management experience, such filing and retrieval capabilities can also be applied via mobile apps, ensuring that employees can manage information on the move.

“As part of the heavily regulated financial services industry, with information that is often highly sensitive and complex, it is essential for Lane Clark & Peacock to capture and organise as much electronic information as possible,” commented Bob Tennant, CEO at Recommind. “As email continues to proliferate, the importance of having a solution which enables easy access and retrieval of email based information, including attachments, is just as critical as storing those emails. We are delighted to have LCP on board, and look forward to a long relationship with them as we continue to show the marketplace that email archiving is simply not enough and that today’s businesses need to adopt Enterprise Email Management.”

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