Feel Alive Again at Euphoria Retreat this Autumn

2 September 2021

April French Furnell

What better way to shrug off the pandemic blues than to immerse yourself in the Feel Alive Again programme at Euphoria Retreat in Greece.

Centered on recovery and renewal, the ‘Feel Alive Again’ concept is about processing the past, releasing the negative, feeling safe and secure, reconnecting with people and harnessing both inner strength and flexibility.

For those feeling exhausted, lethargic, lost, lonely or in need of extra support, the four-night ‘Feel Alive Again’ Group Retreat, hosted and run by effervescent founder Marina and the wonderfully wise Mary Vandorou, is recommended.

With a maximum of 9 participants, scheduled sessions incorporate everything from emotional expression work and theatrical improvisations to creating your personal mandala incorporating a vision of your future. This is a journey designed to help guests purge and process the negative emotions that have built up, perhaps even subconsciously, during the time of the pandemic. It is a chance to reconnect and reenergise.

Feel Alive Again Group Retreats will run at the beginning of September, October and November. Prices for the four-night retreat start from €950pp and include a minimum of 3-hour daily sessions with two mentors each morning (accommodation and meals are extra). Participants will undergo ‘peace-of-mind’ Covid tests to ensure the safety of the group.

Feel Alive Again components include picnics and sunset gatherings, breathwork classes by the swimming pool and nutritional workshops. Five Elements meditations and fun and expressive dance and performance work rooted in the Greek myths and tragedies (with a whole new purpose to ‘mask’ wearing and the release of emotions) will all be on offer, as well as journaling, forest treasure hunts, music and mandalas. Components of the programme can also be enjoyed by guests throughout their stay as an add-on.

From the incredible array of therapies to the extensive spa facilities (which include the legendary Sphere Pool as well as steams, saunas, yoga and pilates studios), a stay at Euphoria Retreat is all about encouraging a fresh approach to living. Whether you opt for the full Group Retreat programme or layer just a couple of the ‘Feel Alive Again’ components into your stay, leave with your body and mind in connection, your heart open.

The Euphoria Retreat was founded by Marina Efraimoglou and sits in the UNESCO-protected town of Mystras, in the mythical Peloponnese, a 2.5 hour drive from Athens or less than an hour from Kalamata. Renowned for offering ancient healing methods combined with cutting edge science, holistic therapies, healthy food and open-hearted Greek hospitality - Euphoria is dedicated, as its name suggests, to the rediscovery and experience of joy in life.


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