Family law specialists launch a new practice

Date: 20 Apr 2021


Specialist family law practitioners Julian Ribet, Alistair Myles and Laura Geraghty are delighted to announce the launch of their legal practice; Ribet Myles LLP. Headquartered in the heart of legal London off Chancery Lane, the firm provides discreet, effective legal advice and assistance to families and individuals of high- and ultra-high net worth both across the UK and internationally.

Julian commented: “London’s family law scene is currently undergoing a changing of the guard as the stalwarts of the past 30 years look to retirement. Alistair, Laura and I were trained by, and partners with, some of the best lawyers of their generation and we are looking forward to continuing to provide high level family law services with Ribet Myles LLP.

“Family law is constantly evolving but the basic tenets of good practice remain the same: exceptional service, a detailed and precise understanding of both the law and the circumstances and challenges inherent in every individual’s situation; empathy and an understanding of each client’s wishes and requirements, along with a compassionate approach.”

Alistair added: “We have long believed that family law matters – being as they are – require a whole range of different skills and a sympathetic approach. We are delighted to have already accepted instructions from a number of our previous clients who value our approach and discretion.”

The three partners of Ribet Myles are joined by solicitor, Alison Schmidt; Legal Executive, Natasha Brown; paralegal, Mia Purdy and executive assistant Cassandra Patten; with further hires anticipated.

Alistair, Julian and Laura were formerly partners of Levison Meltzer Pigott.

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