ESG Portfolio Monitor: a unique ESG oversight and measurement tool launched by Abel Noser Solutions

9 November 2022

Abel Noser Solutions launches an ESG-agnostic consensus ratings product that provides portfolio-level analysis to help assess, measure and monitor fund holdings and transactions.

ESG Portfolio Monitor: a unique ESG oversight and measurement tool launched by Abel Noser Solutions

Abel Noser Solutions, a leading provider of multi-asset trade analytics, compliance, and consulting services to the institutional investment community, has launched a unique ESG oversight and measurement tool called ESG Portfolio Monitor. The driving feature of the quantitative-based offering is that it allows asset owners to easily, yet comprehensively, review their investment holdings in relation to ESG goals or mandates. The announcement comes on the heels of Abel Noser’s recent partnership with data-provider OWL ESG to provide the consensus scores that are utilized by the new analytics product.

We recognize that ESG is a topic where many industry participants passionately disagree,” said Steve Glass, Co-CEO of Abel Noser and head of Zeno AN Solutions, the company’s division that focuses on the needs of asset owner clients. “Each asset owner must make their own policy decisions regarding ESG based on their own fiduciary judgement. However, regardless of a fund’s view about ESG, it’s increasingly important to have an informed position on this topic and the oversight tools necessary to ensure adherence with a chosen investment policy.

Historically, the wide disparities observed between the ESG scores of different rating agencies complicated the use of ESG ratings in oversight and compliance programs,” said Nupen Shah, head of the Abel Noser’s EMEA office in London. “Our ESG Portfolio Monitor, however, leverages enhancements in machine-learning and artificial intelligence to alleviate those discrepancies and minimize the subjectivity associated with any single rating agency.