ESG Barometer report 2023: insights on analytics of ESG research

Date: 07 Feb 2023

Silvia Ricciardi

MainStreet Partners, the London-based independent ESG Advisory and Portfolio Analytics firm, has published its 2023 ESG Barometer report.

The 2023 ESG Barometer report provides a clear picture of the analytics of ESG research across a large universe of funds and looks at the SFDR classification and recent European ESG Template (EET) data points. It also explores ESG and sustainable strategies by asset class, sub-asset class, and by size of asset managers.

This comprehensive annual report is the result of the analysis conducted by MainStreet Partners’ Fund Research Team, drawing on its proprietary ESG database of more than 5,700 funds/ETFs and over 64,000 individual ISINs, covering more than 300 Asset Managers with AUM totalling €4.4 trillion (£3.8 trillion). 

Findings include:

  • Many funds with Article 9 status under the EU SFDR are not currently meeting the highest focus on sustainability that would be expected.
  • Overall, the number and percentage of Article 9 funds in MainStreet Partners’ universe have remained steady, whereas there has been a clear shift from Article 6 to Article 8 (Article 6: 75% in 2021 vs 50% in 2022).
  • Medium-to-Large Asset Managers continue to score slightly higher in ESG Ratings (on average) than Smaller/Boutique Asset Managers.
  • Emerging markets funds are at a disadvantage compared with their developed market peers 

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