Energy Transition: the quest for emissions-free energy

Date: 10 May 2023

Vicente Luckina Bunn

Deutsche Bank Private Bank’s ESG Chief Investment Officer, Markus Müller is pleased to share the latest ESG CIO report.

Markus Müller, ESG Chief Investment Officer at Deutsche Bank Private Bank released this CIO Special report, ‘Energy Transition – the quest for emissions-free energy’, which looks at a central challenge for today’s world: how we produce and use energy in a more sustainable way. It is the first in a new series exploring our nine long-term investment themes (LTIT).

This transition will not just involve switching energy production to more renewable sources but also, as we argue, involve changing the ways in which we distribute, store and consume energy. This is an urgent task: the sector already accounts for the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand is expected to increase.

Read the report here: Energy Transition: the quest for emissions-free energy

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