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Date: 22 Jan 2021


*3 success stories from our Powerwomen 

Great authority, influence and responsibility is what we often associate with women in power, more and more often. Around the world, women now have more power than ever before, with a rise in decision-making forums and domains, be them public or private, individual or within a company.

In such a dynamic and amazing moment in history, Citywealth is strengthening the trend, delighted to present the Powerwomen Awards 2021: an event meant to champion women in the wealth sector and highlight the female leaders of today and tomorrow, celebrating female leadership, inspiration, and diversity.

The Powerwomen Awards is set to maximise the potential of women in wealth and in our attempt to do that, we thought to share with you 3 success stories of our awarded Powerwomen and their inspiration, career paths, and how the award impacted their lives:


#Inspirational Woman of the Year: Susan Dunn, Founder, Investment Committee Member @Harbour Litigation Funding

Susan’s path: When I won this award, I realised something about inspiration: that I owe it to my father who had created the environment for me to succeed (though I should add so did my mum).  He worked in a very male dominated environment and yet consistently recruited women.  He also created an expectation that I could try anything, there were no boundaries, regardless of whether I couldn’t see anyone like me ahead of me doing the same thing.  And crucially safe in the knowledge that if something didn’t work (and not everything did) I would have his unfailing support – he was tough in the standards he expected of me, but unconditionally supportive in all aspects of my life.  

And then, the Powerwoman Awards… It has been a long and often very lonely journey to get the business to where it is today.  One ploughs on, often in the face of great challenge (especially in our target market), but this award comes at a time when it feels like we have really broken through and it is incredibly touching to receive it and mark a moment in time, and to look back and acknowledge where this all started and where it is today – it felt ok to be proud of that achievement and the great team at Harbour.

#How I encourage others: Even though there are only a few full-time employees at Harbour we have a high proportion of BME staff of which I am very proud.  I am an ambassador for Stonewall and have become more vocal about that, so that we can make it clear just what an equal opportunities business Harbour is.


#Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year: Laura Devine, Founder and Managing Partner @Laura Devine Immigration

Laura’s path: Winning the Powerwomen Awards has impacted positively on my career, my firm and colleagues in that many clients and business contacts have made reference to it.  I did receive many congratulations and even some champagne and flowers!   Many businesses working in the high-net-worth industry with whom I had not dealt with in the past have approached me to instruct my firm and to sell their services.

#How I encourage others: I am involved with the BME division of the Law Society and support it and the Lawyers with Disabilities’ Division.  We encourage applications from both divisions and employ lawyers from both although we do not operate positive discrimination.  All employment is offered on the merit of the candidates.  The firm is recognised for caring for colleagues and the community and encourages the exercise of high ethical standards in everything we do.

#The Editor’s Choice Jane Keir, Senior Partner @Kingsley Napley LLP

Jane’s path: Personally, I think it’s amazing what we can do to encourage and support junior colleagues and I try to replicate his example whenever I can. My one experience says it: Christopher Murray – my former Senior Partner and predecessor at Kingsley Napley LLP.  He first told me several years ago that I could do the Senior Partner’s job when I did not give it a second thought.  He was very generous and unselfish and he gave me the confidence and self-belief to take on the role. Another great recent encouragement was the Powerwomen Awards I received. I was honoured to receive the Editor’s Choice Award in 2015.  I see it as all part of giving something back, whether it is mentoring for women in the legal profession or junior staff to take the next step on the career ladder.  It has given me something to live up to!

#How I encourage others: Kingsley Napley has an inclusive and supportive culture. Our diversity and inclusion group uses career fairs, blogs and social media to engage on key diversity issues, e.g. “pursuing a career in law without labels”.  We participate in mentoring and work experience schemes such as Pathways to Law, and offer support to our relevant nominated charities (e.g. Boxing Academy) to encourage social mobility and careers in law for all.


The number of women running Fortune 500 companies has hit an all-time record of 37, say CNN, which is 7.4%. 20 years ago there were only two female CEO’s. By working together and inclusively we can do so much more. The Powerwomen Awards 2021 will both recognise individuals and companies who maximise the potential of women in wealth, and will also create a platform for best practice to collectively exercise positive social influence on the sector.

Find out how the event format changed this year,  how to book your seat for our VIP cocktail winners parties London and New York – March 2021.

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