Drink like Bond

5 November 2015

Cashing in on the Spectre fever that is sweeping the nation, Honest Grapes is offering two unique 'Drink Like Bond' cases.

The selections below, complete with notes, quotes and anecdotes, offer a bibulous journey through the iconic spy’s top-end drink cabinet, inspired by his preferred drinks from both literature and film, including:

• Introduced in Casino Royale is the now iconic Vesper Martini (‘three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half of a measure of Kina Lillet, shake it over ice then add a thin slice of lemon peel’).
• Dom Pérignon features heavily in Fleming’s books – 1952, 1953, 1955, 1959 and 1962 all appearing variously from Dr No to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with the most famous reference coming in Goldfinger when Bond tells Jill Masterson, “My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done, such as drinking Dom Pérignon above 38ºF. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.”
• The first mention of Bollinger is in the novel Diamonds Are Forever in 1956 when Tiffany Case sends a bottle up to Bond’s cabin on the Queen Mary. Bond then utters the memorable line in Moonraker – “Bollinger? If it’s the ’69 you were expecting me”.
• The most famous wine reference in a Bond film is actually to a wine that 007 pivotally DOES NOT drink… Chianti. In From Russia With Love, he realises too late that S.P.E.C.T.R.E assassin Robert Shaw is only masquerading as an English agent because he orders a Chianti with his Dover Sole, an unpardonable faux pas at the time.

Drink Like Bond case
Featuring: Count Golovkine premium vodka, Bollinger Special Cuvée NV, Isake Classic, Castello di Ama Chianti 2013, Chateau Batailley 2009 and Valdespino 1842 Oloroso.
£245 inc packaging, limited edition booklet and delivery (mainland UK).

Drink Like Bond Deluxe case
Featuring: Count Golovkine premium vodka, Brighton Gin, Cocchi Americano, Dom Perignon 2005, Isake Classic, Castello di Ama Gran Selezione 2011, Chateau Angelus 2009 and Valdespino 1842.
£675 inc packaging, limited edition booklet and delivery (mainland UK).

Honest Grapes have a very exclusive 'Drink Like Bond' event coming up on 13th November. It will take place at the private atelier of Timothy Everest. tailor to many of the stars in Spectre, and will feature the contents of the above deluxe case. Spaces are very limited – tickets and more information are available here.

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