Dietetic consultations: Getting a body MOT from the queens pharmacy

5 October 2021

Karen Jones

John Bell & Croydon are the Selfridges of pharmacies, perfect for a meander. With a long history of selling health concepts, potions and lotions, their inventory includes Swarovski mobility scooters for the fun citizen who may not want to downgrade their life engagement even if experiencing physical limitations.

A favourite store of mine, I am a JB&C evangelist. What can I say, my shopping ability in JB&C knows no bounds: oxygen canisters for exercise recovery; gummy bear vitamins; paleo collagen drinks with cacao. On one shopping trip I bought space pillows: you start to understand. They even do prosecco shopping evenings.

As well as high end health services and products JB&C have also jumped further into the private review space for your body, offering an evaluation and ongoing check up with an in-house doctor. I was tested and interviewed about my diet in detail and the results in a few days gave a quick check-in as to things to monitor like decreasing calcium in my age group.

As well as a blood shake down, my body muscle and fat were analysed. A bit of a scary undertaking after the Covid period but I did feel that it was time to get my head out of the wine bottle and takeaways and get a wake up call to switch my behaviour.

I was advised to up my vitamin D3 and calcium and that I had too much fat on my legs. Hmmm. Whilst not the best news I have ever had, it has made me more aware of my body and the need to get back on the exercise horse with less fat in my diet.

Dietetics expert, Joanne Kwok  

The phlebotomy services involve JB&C taking a sample of blood for analysis. It is painless and takes only a moment, but it will give the practitioner a better insight into any deficiencies you may not be aware of, such as B12, iron or calcium. You can choose which profile you would like.

Results are back in 48 hours and Joanne will book another appointment with you to discuss the results. I think you will find it very interesting.

Their new dietetics and phlebotomy services at JB&C, help their customers get back to their health and wellness goals after the recent lockdowns. They have put together a comprehensive review package with their dietetics expert, Joanne Kwok.  

The dietetic consultations are designed for clients to achieve nutrition and health goals by addressing dietary and health concerns with lifestyle and food. This includes anthropometry which is measurements and proportions of the body, diet and health risk assessment.  JB&C clients will be provided with an individualised plan at the end of the session.  One baseline blood check is included, with the option to test for other parameters at an additional price.  Results are available in 48hrs with a follow up consultation from a healthcare professional.


Dietetic Consultation package can be booked online or instore (£100).  Package includes:

2x face-to-face consultations (30mins each)
1x baseline phlebotomy check (see separate list)


Prices correct at time of publication – please re confrm


Further information:

Joanne Kwok
Registered Dietitian (BDA)

Accredited Practicing Dietitian (DA)
Registered Associate Nutritionist (AfN)


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