Dialing back a Covid year: skin tightening with morpheus 8

22 June 2021

Karen Jones

Covid has had its impact and one of the things I have heard is people feel they have aged, I think we just all missed a year plus day to day interaction with friends and so we seem a bit older and even a bit fatter (definitely the last one in my case).  

Anti-ageing is something that most people are comfortable with, some surveys show lawyers are the biggest users of cosmetic enhancements, but as time progresses, many of us have tried treatments and some work and some don’t. However, time is improving the offerings which are moving from the medical world into cosmetic improvements.

A more, natural and sustainable anti ageing treatment is my preference and micro needling does seem to have stood the test of time. Now with radio frequency offered by the Rejuv Lab it is much improved. Although it is a pricey treatment it is a good quality one.

Based in the Rejuv Lab in Harley Street, the clinic is beautiful and very smart in style for check in. You can rest assured proper procedures are in place. Morpheus 8 RF microneedling typically use a topical anaesthetic which is applied to the skin in advance of the procedure. After a period of around half an hour, the procedure itself uses microscopic needles to create tiny punctures in the skin, starting the rejuvenation process through controlled healing. The Morpheus 8 device also applies fractionated RF energy in order to heat the tissue, enabling skin tightening and increase collagen production.

Personally I would recommend a couple of good pain killers in advance, the treatment does require a bit of tolerance and feels like a stapler on your face. However for beauty we suffer, so they say but this treatment did not take long so it is more the worry of it than the actual discomfort.

I was expecting redness on my face after the treatment, and yes I did look like I had jam all over it, like Abfab but I was delighted that in 45 minutes (I counted) it had gone and I was able to go to a dinner party with everyone asking if I had been for a facial and who did it because I looked amazing.

It is a dramatic and noticeable lift in the face which is meant to continue improving. My skin looks much better and firmer and it does make you feel a bit fomo for some more.


Below are some prices/packages for Morpheus 8 fyi, subject to consultation.

Morpheus 8 for Face: starts from £850/session, £2250/3sessions

Morpheus 8 for Eyes:  £750/session, £1800/3sessions

Morpheus 8 for Body: starts from £1200/session


Additional information, you can combine Morpheus 8 with collagen injection to further improve the quality of the skin.

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