The D'Evil diary - a heavenly good book

1 April 2015

Edited by Marcela Kunova

The D'Evil Diaries is a hilarious adventure story set in Hell, for 8 – 12 year olds, by debut children's writer Tatum Flynn. It follows the adventures of a hapless demon -- twelve-year-old Jinx --  who is hopeless at being evil, very much to the despair of his father, Lucifer himself.

The author of this eagerly awaited fully illustrated book, described as “brilliantly funny and clever” by The Bookseller, has had an adventurous past herself from which to draw inspiration and fuel her imagination. Flynn started her career as a travel journalist for British Airways' High Life in-flight magazine, then went on to re-invent herself as a professional and sponsored poker player, which took her all over the world. Her adventures included shooting rapids in the Grand Canyon, piloting lifeboats in Venezuela, zip-lining over the Costa Rican rainforest, and almost falling out of a plane over Scotland when learning to fly !

Further inspiration came from her studies as a classics scholar at Exeter University, that led to the elements of Greek mythology in the story. Based on the legend of the Greek Goddess Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades, God of the Underworld, Persephone turns up in the book as Lucifer's wife and the boy's mother. No wonder Jinx can't quite manage to be evil, and no wonder lovelorn Lucifer is bad tempered, missing his wife's companionship six months of the year, as he'd foolishly failed to read the small print in the prenup!