Day One. Pills of the first day at the 54° Genoa International Boat Show

2 October 2014

Edited by Suzanne Isaacs

After the opening ceremony that was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transports Maurizio Lupi and by the local authorities, the chronicle of the first day of this 54th edition from the late morning to the debates with a wide programme full of activities, conferences, and presentations.

It was the conference “The Economics of the Sea” to inaugurate the Show, a convention organised by UCINA, Nautical Association that has focused on the main measures, concerning both  present and  future topics.

To attend the ceremony Paola De Micheli, vice coordinator for the Democratic Party, Massimo Perotti, President of Ucina, Carlo Calenda, Deputy Minister for the Economic Development, and Gerardo Mastandrea, Head of Legislative Office for Infrastructure and Transports on behalf of Minister Lupi.

In the afternoon, during the conference “ Safe Sea 2014”, Commander Filippo Maria Marini, head of external relations office for the general Command of the Coast Guard, and the Commander Giambattista Ponzetto, Head of the technical administration office for the Port Captaincy in Genoa, reported the national data on the rescues carried out during the summer season by the Port Captaincy- Coast Guard, with details on the lakes of their competency: the Garda lake and the Maggiore Lake.

Among the data shown, a significant decrease of violations in terms of boating regulations, which changed from 2.238 in 2013 to 1.515 in 2014, a data set also influenced by the adverse weather conditions and the crisis. In terms of reasons of rescue, the highest data is reached by “engine failure” (509); at the same time, the number of rescued bathers results to be increasing if compared to the past years.

The subjects of avant-guarde and future were also addressed by Surfcrest, which organised the presentation “Avant- guard boatyards: constructing with kelvet”, introduced by the Eng. Maria Di Filippo who underlined, while talking in terms of future applications, the main characteristics such as robotics, unusual protagonist of the manufacturing.

Meanwhile, World Area Holding was also present this year as well at the Boat Show, this time with its project #World and the Floating Ecoport, an innovative floating structure that does not reach the sea bottom and was designed for a similar application, already shown to the institutions, out of the Venice lagoon. “The project #World”, refers Francesco Signoriello, Sole Administrator of #World Area Holding and  president of the #Cisvam “ is an innovative container for the research on the promotion of maritime tourism and source of foreign investments and internationalisation for Italian enterprises.” The first implementations of the project were made in Ladispoli and in Sardinia

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