Cranfield Trust – New Fund to Benefit 1,250 Charities

Date: 05 Oct 2007


The Cranfield Trust has announced the launch of a new fund which will finance a national programme to benefit up to two hundred and fifty charities annually for the next five years. In total over twelve hundred and fifty charities will ultimately benefit.

The new funding support is coming through the Smart Fund, a new venture philanthropy initiative led by Nigel Doughty of the private equity firm Doughty Hanson, and supported by The Execution Charitable Trust and Coutts & Co amongst others. The Smart Fund will finance The Cranfield Trust’s aims of giving free management consultancy support to registered charities across the UK. The commercial value of each of the consultancy projects will be worth between ¬£5,000 and ¬£16,000 to the charities, dependent upon the complexity and scale of their support needs. The fund will leverage consultancy support worth over ¬£10m to UK charities.

To receive further information on the Smart Fund and investment levels TEL: 01794 830338
Registered charity no 800072

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