Citywealth Summer Review - The Year So Far

13 July 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

Citywealth Summer Review - The Year So Far

From features around estate planning and the US art market, in-depth interviews to some of the winners of the Magic Circle Awards 2022 and Brand Management and Reputation Awards 2022, but also a digital update focused on Guernsey and the Isle of Man, through to two of our top-rated lists – below all the features published on from April to June 2022.


Philanthropy Today: How it is shaping the world of tomorrow

Right before the Easter Break, Citywealth published Philanthropy Today: How it is shaping the world of tomorrow, speaking to John Canady, CEO at National Philanthropic Trust UK, Anna Josse, Co-Founder and CEO at Prism the Gift Fund and Tom Hall, Managing Director and Global Head of Philanthropy Services at UBS who had been nominated for Philanthropy Advisor of the Year at the Magic Circle Awards 2022 to get a grasp on the overall impact and major achievements successful firms in the philanthropic sector have accomplished, going through useful advice for individuals and companies who are interested in philanthropic investments.


Top 100 International Private Client Litigation Lawyers 2022

At the end of April Citywealth presented the Top 100 International Private Client Litigation Lawyers 2022, a top-rated list of the 'need to know' people in the litigation industry based on recommendations from clients and peers through independent research conducted by Citywealth.


Estate Planning: Rules, Risks and no Rush

May 11th saw the publication of Estate Planning: Rules, Risks and no Rush, a feature with contributions from experts in the Estate Planning sector based in London who talk about how the present circumstances are impacting estate planning and how clients are managing and ensuring the succession of their digital and non-digital assets, giving useful advice to ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals.


The protagonists of the Magic Circle Awards 2022

For over 16 years Citywealth’s Magic Circle Awards have been attracting the leading professionals from the top firms in the wealth management sector, recognising their achievements and celebrating their triumph in the heart of London.

With The protagonists of the Magic Circle Awards 2022 Citywealth put under the spotlight the outstanding individuals who won a GOLD Award at the Magic Circle Awards 2022, learning more about the career journey of Nicola Brown (ZEDRA), Wealth Professional Award – GOLD Award, Kathryn von Matthiessen (Katten), Woman of the Year – GOLD Award, Dakis Hagen (Serle Court), Barrister of the year – GOLD Award and Julie Zingiloglu (JTC), Trustee of the Year – GOLD Award.


Digital Update: Guernsey and the Isle of Man

Digital updates are constantly around the corner in the wealth management sector. The end of May welcomed a focus on two among the most prolific offshore jurisdictions, Guernsey and the Isle of Man

Discussing key areas, such as the benefits deriving from AI and Automation, ESG and sustainable solutions in the fintech industry as well as the impact of digital loans, the feature Digital Update: Guernsey and the Isle of Man analyses developments in the digital world delivering a roundup of digital trends to advise the fintech and private client market interviewing Sasha Kazantseva-Miller, Deputy of the States of Guernsey and Lyle Wraxall, Chief Executive - Digital Isle of Man.


The US Art Market

How are art galleries changing in the US, especially considering the rise of digital art? What are the main issues clients are facing when dealing with NFTs in the art market? The article The US Art Market digs into the art world looking closely at the US market, engaging in a detailed discussion on US art, taking into consideration the most popular styles of art among investors, going through the evolution of art galleries and the problem of art fraud, with a special mention to NFTs.


Top 15 US Legal Crypto Practitioners 2022

With the publication of the Top 15 US Legal Crypto Practitioners 2022 Citywealth celebrates some of the best crypto experts in the United States. They share interesting insights on the crypto world in the US, talking about their background, going through what led them to crypto and discussing what the future may hold for the US cryptocurrency market.


The winners of the Brand Management and Reputation Awards 2022

For over six years, the Brand Management and Reputation Awards have highlighted and recognised the contributions of over a hundred marketing, business development and public relation professionals within the wealth management industry.

Citywealth interviewed some of The winners of the Brand Management and Reputation Awards 2022 to learn more about the employer behind the employee and highlight effective communication strategies and personal qualities which can lead to success putting under the spotlight Katie Cramond (McDermott, Will & Emery) - Career Achievement Award, Danyal Bhatti (Druces) - Rising star (GOLD Award), Laura Haynes (Aviva Investors) - Marketing / BD / PR Director of the Year (GOLD Award) and Vikash Gupta (CEO/Co-Founder of VAR Capital) - Brand of the Year SME/Boutique (SILVER Award).


Top 20 Recommended UK Accountants 2022

June ended with the Top 20 Recommended UK Accountants 2022, a top-rated list through which Citywealth celebrates the best accountants based in the United Kingdom. They share interesting insights on what led them to become accountants, analysing how to always be up to date on current trends and developments in the tax sector.


Citywealth is currently working on engaging features for September and will soon publish the Editorial Calendar Q3 2022.


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