Citywealth recommended reading: The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business

Date: 10 Feb 2010


In this new book, The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business, aimed at hotel owners, company executives, the full range of their advisors as well as students and academics of hospitality management, Paul Slattery, illustrates how government policies create the structural balance of economies, how this is directly linked to the patterns and volume of hotel demand generated by each nation and how the hotel business responds to progress in structural balance by creating and growing hotel chains.

The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business is the first book to provide a systematic understanding and statistics on hotel chains and independentsandthe growth of the hotel business. Mr. Slattery draws on extensive contemporary data and events to chart the historic structural development of economies and of the hotel business illustrating patterns in their fundamental relationship. He focuses on the conditions that produce and propel hotel chains and he provides a more comprehensive basis on which future developments in hotel demand, supply and performance can be approached.

According to the author, economies around the world and the hotels business are now facing bigger economic and investment issues than ever in their history. Decisions about economic policy are taking shape and their impact on hotel demand could be transforming. The potential is available for hotel demand growth to enter a golden age that will last into the long-term and cut across several economic cycles. This will have a major positive impact on the size and complexity of hotel chains and require more systematic insights into strategic development and investment.

Only rarely is the world faced with such large-scale shifts in economic structure and never has there been the potential to grow hotel demand to such new heights. It has taken all of history for each of the four largest hotel companies in the world to reach 500,000 rooms. Mr. Slattery anticipates that within the next ten years each could reach a million rooms. The hotel business is about to become very much more significant.
According to Mr. Slattery, ‘Along with greater economic significance comes greater responsibility to investors and other stakeholders in the hotel business. An understanding of the structural development of economies enables us to identify more effective ways to measure the hotel demand and hotel supply needs of economies and enables us to plan investments more effectively. This book is about these big economic and investment issues.’

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