Citywealth Corporate Leaders List: BDO Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited

Date: 07 Apr 2020


BDO Sator Regulatory Consulting is a specialist regulatory consulting firm in Jersey in the Channel Islands. BDO acquired Sator Regulatory consulting Limited, a leading, award winning, regulatory consulting firm to expand the range of specialist consultancy services offered and to provide additional governance, risk and compliance services for the wider BDO network particularly offshore and in emerging markets.

Here BDO Sator Regulatory Consulting tell Citywealth about their organisational sustainability for our Corporate Leaders List user ratings pages to advise entrepreneurs, UHNW clients, governments and charities about the wealth management and private client industry and the organisations within it.

Organisational sustainability

As the specialist offshore and emerging markets regulatory team within a leading global business, we benefit from fabulous BDO Group infrastructure whilst maintaining close working connections with our colleagues, clients and the communities we serve. Adopting the same “best of both worlds” ideology, our management approach is to run a lean and efficient business whilst striving to add value to clients and extending personal and professional development opportunities to staff.

Education and innovation

We champion curiosity, entrepreneurialism, formal education and “on the job” guided experience to keep our staff growing, feeling empowered and stimulated. As an ICAEW accredited training organisation, BDO is heavily committed to seeing staff through their professional development journey and this culture flows throughout the business into our own regulatory team where we must constantly stay abreast of the latest legislative and best practice developments in order to deliver clients the excellence they expect.

Professional conduct

Executing our client mandates to the highest professional standard, on time, to budget and in a supportive manner, whilst maintaining truly independent objectivity, is the target we set ourselves. This drives the business forward in an ethical mindset. Our involvement in numerous technical working parties and consultation exercises ensures we keep at the leading edge of regulatory development..

Fees or value for money

By delighting clients and paying our people fairly we can be sure we keep the balance of fees right. We will never be the cheapest, because we are one of the best.

Technical expertise

Any advice is only as good as the adviser’s wider understanding of the client’s business objectives and challenges. Truly listening, understanding the broader environment in which the client must embed the advice, is the key to adding value. We seek long term sustainable relationships in order to ensure advice is given in context and avoids conflicting with other objectives. The broader understanding also allows us to be proactive and reach out to clients when relevant issues arise, maintaining our “trusted adviser” status.


Mark Twain’s apology for sending a long letter, because he didn’t have time to write a shorter one – is never far from our minds. Concise, clear, plain English communication is vital to avoid lost points or general misunderstandings. Our senior staff are well known figures in the offshore and emerging market world, reputations built on many hours of detailed discussions, many pages of technical output. Excellence in communication is a key part in our “Achieving my Potential” programme which encapsulates learning and development, performance appraisal, corporate values and line management framework.


Exceeding client expectations is the key means of securing the trusted advisor status we believe is so important. Prompt responses are critical. Matters can be complex and are often not possible to resolve quickly, but ensuring clients know you are “on the case” and can be trusted to deliver on time, is a wholly achievable goal. We use the latest technology to support us in client and staff communications, face to face (sometimes via skype, zoom or other screen based systems), team chat environments, secure data portals, messaging – different clients, different jurisdictions and different types of communication (data -v- discussion for example) drive the most appropriate selection.

Industry standards

BDO Group Limited is overseen in whole or in part at three levels, by ICAEW for maintenance of professional standards, by BDO Network for quality assurance, by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for the maintenance of anti money laundering standards. In addition, most staff belong to professional bodies, including ICAEW, ICSA, STEP, Law Society, etc and subject to personal scrutiny.


We have fully encrypted systems, including client data portals. As governance, risk and compliance specialists, data security is a top priority.

Key Individuals

Helen Hatton, MD Widely recognised as the prime architect of the modern Jersey regulatory regime, Helen is a well-known regulatory, governance and compliance professional with almost 30 years board level experience. She had delivered mandates for international standard setting bodies, governments, regulatory bodies and financial institutions across the offshore and emerging markets world. She has been appointed financial sector expert in three FATF (financial Action Task Force) evaluations, Aruba, Austria, Ghana.

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