Childrens charity Place2Be receives 2 million pounds sterling funding to support 25,000 secondary school children

Date: 01 Mar 2013


Children’s charity Place2Be is delighted to announce a partnership with the Private Equity Foundation (PEF) which will see the charity reach up to 25,000 11-to-14-year-olds by 2018. PEF’s donation of up to ¬£2 million, its largest to date, will see Place2Be roll out its award-winning emotional and mental health services to 70 secondary schools across the UK, to support children during what can be a difficult transition from primary to secondary school.

Place2Be currently works in 174 schools, reaching 64,000 children in some of the most deprived parts of the UK, but only 10 are secondary schools. This funding, as well as additional pro bono business advice supplied by PEF, will enable Place2Be to extend its support to more Key Stage 3 pupils, to keep them engaged with their education. It is widely recognised that a lack of support at this time can leave the most vulnerable facing bleak futures not in education, employment or training (NEET).

The charity has compelling evidence that by intervening early it can turn around children’s life chances. In 2011/2012, teachers saw an improvement in emotional and behavioural wellbeing for 84% of children after Place2Be counselling, while parents saw an improvement for 73%.[1][1] PEF’s grant funding, strategic and operational support will enable the charity to realise its potential to transform the lives of thousands more children.

Place2Be’s specialist teams of clinical staff and highly skilled volunteers provide a wide range of integrated emotional and mental health support services in schools that include self-referral sessions and one-to-one counselling for children. The charity also provides practical advice, guidance and support for parents and carers, and specialist consultation and training for teachers.

Benita Refson, OBE, Chief Executive of Place2Be, said: “We are reminded everyday, through our current work in secondary schools, of many children’s real and urgent need to be supported through their transition from primary to secondary school. While for some it is smooth, for others this transition can be hugely challenging, and this experience can profoundly shape their future chances. We are therefore hugely excited that PEF’s generous financial investment will see Place2Be reach up to 25,000 additional children with its support. Keeping children engaged with schoolwork at this time is pivotal to helping them steer clear of the NEET path, instead setting them on a brighter path of hope and prosperity.

“Over the past six years PEF’s tremendous support has seen us expand our services, in turn further building our strong reputation across schools, and the charity has received pro bono business advice. This support has helped Place2Be to go from strength to strength as a leading provider of early intervention child mental health, helping even more children to realise and fulfil their potential.‚Äù

Shaks Ghosh, Chief Executive of the Private Equity Foundation, said: “Research shows that the leap between primary and secondary school can be too large for some children who struggle to regain their footing and fall back in their learning. By focusing on supporting the social and emotional development of vulnerable children at this time, we can help them gain the soft skills that underpin educational achievement and positive outcomes later in life. Having worked with the charity for six years, we believe there’s no place like Place2Be to provide that potentially life changing expertise and we’re thrilled to be working together to help it dramatically extend its reach.‚Äù

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