Centurion Fund managers announces strong quarterly fund inflows

Date: 07 Oct 2011


Centurion Fund managers, the asset management company specialising in alternative investments, this week announced inflows of $25 million for the latest products in the period of June to August 2011, with a further pipeline of $25 million.

The initial interest in the new products is drawn from family offices, private banks and professional investors, and swiftly follows Centurion’s implementation of a ‘mark-to-market’ valuation model, rather than the traditional mark-to-model practice. The mark-to-market technique ensures that returns incorporate the current market discount rate to accurately reflect the asset values, and are linked to actual mortality experience. This addresses the demand from investors for greater liquidity, diversification and transparency in longevity products with attractive, lowly correlated risk-adjusted returns.

David Rawson-Mackenzie, managing director, comments: “Although longevity is a well-established asset class, it has evolved significantly in recent years and with the current credit default issues continues to provide lowly correlated positive returns.

“These latest inflows are an indication of the growing interest in longevity investment and our recent switch to a mark-to-market strategy has helped remove liquidity issues. Recent market turbulence has made sophisticated investors more aware of their risk and reward requirements and our products offer an excellent solution for anyone looking to invest for the long term.”

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